Eating For Endurance

Burning over 500 calories per hour, mountain biking is an intense and demanding workout.  Whether you’re training for the ride of a lifetime or simply wanting to go further, faster, what you eat and drink plays a vital role in how...
06 Jul 2018

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Tips for buying a new mountain bike

Purchasing a mountain bike – whether it’s your first mtb, or your 12th mtb -  can be overwhelming today. The myriad of prices, models and types of mountain bikes makes the process as complex as buying a car. This blog will give you everything...

08 Jun 2017

Four Reasons Why Guided Mountain Bike Holidays Are So Awesome

4 Reasons To Take A guided Mountain Bike Holiday  I have taken many guided mountain bike holidays, not just in the United States but out of the country as well.  Some of my destinations have included Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Spain, Ireland...

08 Jun 2017

Sacred Rides Duluth is getting excited

We're getting excited that the Duluth trails are finally drying out and opening for

06 Jun 2017