Eating For Endurance

Burning over 500 calories per hour, mountain biking is an intense and demanding workout.  Whether you’re training for the ride of a lifetime or simply wanting to go further, faster, what you eat and drink plays a vital role in how...
06 Jul 2018

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RIDE IT Series - mountain biking The Whole Guacamole in Hurricane, UT

​Our next report from the 'Ride It!' series, where our fearless leader Lauren travels the country in search of the BEST mtb rides! Next stop: The Whole Guacamole in Hurricane, Utah!

08 Jan 2018

Mountain Bike Review: Spot Mayhem

Colorado is fortunate to be home to several incredible MOUNTAIN bike manufacturers. Vancouver-based Spot BRAND has been bought and sold multiple times, and after the purchase by Avid Brakes founder Wayne Lumpkin, relocated to Golden, CO and has been...

20 Sep 2017

Five Reasons Why Hot Yoga is Great for Mountain Bikers

Like myself, most of the mountain bikers  I know are diehard cyclists and can't wait for that time in the day to sneak out for a nice ride.  They are mentally strong people and very determined and goal-oriented.  Every log pile, steep...

18 Aug 2017

Couples Mountain Biking: How to Stay Out of the Doghouse

It’s an all too familiar scenario: a lone rider slowly crawling up a steep, long climb on an old, heavy mountain bike.  They look frustrated, out of breath, and seemingly alone.  But at the top of the hill, there it is: the Significant...

06 Aug 2017

Top 3 Mountain Bike Skills That Will Make You a Better Rider

Sacred Rides Boulder loves giving back to the bike community that we love so much. We just got back from several days in Wyoming coaching a kids mountain bike skills clinic and camp. It’s an amazing program, and we love watching these kiddos...

05 Jul 2017

5 stretches to Avoid Mountain Bike Injuries - from the Colorado Mountain Bike Experts

 You may have heard how Boulder, Colorado is the hotbed of cycling. Well, we’re also the hotbed of cycling injuries! The number of physical therapists, sports massage practices, chiropractors, acupuncturists, dry needlers, and orthopedic docs...

13 Jun 2017

Top Five Mountain Bike Trails in Richmond, VA

The RVA mountain bike trails are in my backyard.    From Riverside Drive in Richmond I can pedal to the five best mountain bike trails in the city.  There is literally something for everyone.  There are rocks, bridges, creek...

08 Jun 2017

Mountain biking in Boulder, Colorado – and so much more!

I first came to Boulder by way of San Francisco (by way of Boston) after reading that Outside Magazine ranked Boulder ‘The Outdoor Mecca’, year after year. The magazine photos showed a beautiful town at the base of the iconic Flatirons, full of...

08 Jun 2017

Mountain Biking at the Best Beaches on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica

Let’s start with facts, there is a judge misconception that insecurity is higher when we talk about our Caribbean side. If you compare every main city at any country has more crime than the surroundings. More than often it is overlooked, perhaps...

08 Jun 2017