What if you could earn a living doing something you loved?

Our Getaways program gives you the tools, training and support you’ll need to operate your own mountain bike tour company under the Sacred Rides brand.

How it works

Become a Getaways affiliate and you'll get the tools, training and support you’ll need to operate your own mountain bike tour company, leading 1 and 2 day mountain bike tours under the Sacred Rides 'Getaways' brand.
Here's how it works:


First, you'll complete an  application (15-20 min)  so we can assess if we'd be great partners. If you're accepted, you'll be sent a link to review and sign a Getaways user agreement and to pay your initial fee, unlocking your Getaways portal.


We'll set you up with your own Getaways website and portal (here's an example) and send you login details, along with detailed instructions for how to customize it, set up your Rides, and market your destination and Rides.


Once your site is set up and your Rides are published, you can promote your Rides and start taking bookings right away (you just need to connect your bank account). We'll also post your Rides on this site, which we promote to mountain bikers around the world.


In addition to the operations manuals and online training program, you’ll also gain access to our private Facebook group for Getaways affiliates.  Here, you’ll find discussions on tips and tricks on operating a successful mountain bike guiding business.


Here are just a few of the ways we'll help you succeed: 


You'll get your own beautiful, mobile-optimized website that will get your customers drooling and lining up for your Rides.


Ever dreamed of being a sponsored mountain biker? Well, as a Getaways affiliate, you'll be just that. We've lined up sponsors and industry discounts for Getaways affiliates on bikes, gear, and food!


We've spent 2 years - and over $150,000 - building the most advanced reservations & operations system in the industry. Take credit cards, schedule staff, create reports and more!


Learn tips and tricks from industry expert, Mike Brcic, on how to launch, operate and grow a successful mountain bike tour company.


You and your guides will also get access to our in-depth online guide training program, as well as an opportunity to take part in our regional in-person trainings.


Over the last 20 years, we've learned a thing or two about sales and marketing. From poster design, to social media strategy, to writing viral blogs, you'll gain access to a tonne of market specific training materials.


As a Getaways affiliate, your mountain bike guiding business will be immediately recognizable as, and associated with, the #1 Mountain Bike Tour Company on Earth.


All of the Rides that you post on your own site will also get posted on this site, where visitors can browse and book Getaways Rides from around the world.


Join our private Getaways Facebook Group where you can meet, mingle with, learn from, and share with other Getaways guides from around the world, as well as Sacred Rides staff.


  • Complete the initial application and get approved 
  • Determine your exclusive 30km/20mi local territory
  • Sign up for a free 30-day trial
  • Customize your Getaways website
  • Design and post your 1 and 2-day mountain bike tours
  • Get ongoing training and support
  • If you want to continue past the trial, you'll pay the fee (see below) and sign a User Agreement
  • Start earning $ on your mountain bike!




Holy s@#$, there's more?


Sign up and you'll get a Sacred Rides jersey so you can look pro when you're guiding.


We have partnerships with bike manufacturers, gear companies, even snack and food companies. Get discounts of up to 50% off retail!


Join the Tribe and you get 10% off any of Sacred Rides' longer trips, plus a tribe of fellow guides around the world who will host you on their local trails!


Want to operate your own mountain bike tour company under the Sacred Rides 'Getaways' brand? For everything we're including it could cost you thousands of dollars!

  • Annual fee of $495 CAD (or $49 CAD/month on the monthly plan)
  • All of your revenues go directly to you, minus a 10% per-booking fee 
  • Your User Agreement lasts 5 years, but you can choose to opt out every year on your anniversary date



Why Mountain Biking Matters

Mountain biking can change lives.  I know this because it’s changed mine. 

From the moment I first threw a leg over a bike at the age of 6, I was hooked.  Discovering mountain biking 12 years later only deepened the addiction.  Sacred Rides was founded, way back in 1996 in Fernie, British Columbia, on the belief that mountain biking can make a difference in people’s lives: our Riders, our guides and support staff, and the people in the communities we visit. 

I've always believed that mountain biking has the ability to change lives. Now, with our Getaways program, my goal is to give passionate mountain bikers like you the same opportunity to earn a living doing something you love - the way I have, for the last 20+ years. I hope you'll join us on this incredible journey.

Mike Brcic,

Founder/CHO (Chief Happiness Officer)




These are some of the awesome people who have joined us on this incredible Ride.

Having adventures and thrill seeking has become my way of life since my feet could just about reach the pedals. When I was a kid growing up in the UK the adventures may have been not quite on the same scale and on smaller mountains however the concept has always been the same: ride and have as much fun as possible!! My adventures have taken me to all kind of places across the planet. The alps is where i call home now a days and its packed full of potential adventures there is so much culture here its just awesome you never have to travel far for a completely different experience. Here in Switzerland we have 4 languages in 4 areas of the country and each area is totally different from the other. I am still amazed by the beauty and the amount of trails here, it would take a life time to ride them all.
What does one do with a college degree in outdoor recreation? Well, nearly 20 years later I am finding out. An avid outdoors woman I first jumped on a mountain bike about 10 years ago, but just as quickly jumped off. I couldn't find the courage to enjoy the sport so filled my time with adventure races, triathlons, skiing, backpacking and road cycling. Fast forward a few years, that mountain bike kept tapping on my shoulder. This time, I persevered. I pedaled my way to confidence and have been pushing myself in the sport every day. Some of my best discoveries in life have come through mountain biking and I am happy to have the chance to share that with others.
Hello fellow adventurers! I am Lorene and mountain biking is my passion. I am the co-founder and President of Women's Multisports of Richmond, Inc. which is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower women through sports. We lead weekly rides for both men and women through the trails of Richmond, VA, USA and the surrounding parks. The RVA Ride Center was named a bronze ride center by IMBA in 2015 so we have an abundance of trails around the beautiful James River and through Pocahontas State Park. Also, I am fortunate enough to live only a few blocks from the downtown James River Park trail system. The city of Richmond has a great food and art culture which is also within riding distance from my home! I am a nurse anesthetist by trade and I have two lovely daughters in training to become nurses. I started riding over 10 years ago, both competively and for fun. Outside is where I love to be so I look forward to showing you trails that will make your heart smile.
My passion for mountain biking started like most: A young child riding a rigid bike, dropping off makeshift ramps and trying to wheelie like Evel Knievel. As bike technology progressed and dual suspension became the norm I was hooked. As a young adult, I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Five Boro Bike tour in NY. For the next ten years I would help adults/children learn how to ride a bike for the first time. There is nothing more rewarding than sharing your passion with others. During my free time I would travel to Blue Ridge Mountain to ride the trails. I became so familiar with them that several of my friends asked if I could show them around. It was those rides that started my guided mountain bike tour love affair. Two years ago I sold that business to move to Florida and take on new challenges. Shortly after the move I discovered Santos bike park. With all its unique trail features, it is by far the best place to ride in Florida. I would love to show you around!
I am a Spokane local, born and raised here in the Inland Pacific Northwest. Spending time on two wheels has always been a passion of mine, with mountain biking being my main outdoor focus since the early 1990s. I am excited to continue to share my passion for mountain biking this region through Spokane Sacred Rides!
Mountain bike rider for more than 20 years. I participated in several races (DH, XC, Enduro) but still prefer riding for pleasure. I love bringing people in the wood to make them discover all its beauty. Over the years, I had the chance to ride my bike on amazing trails : Rockies, Peru, Utah, Arizona, Whistler, Yukon, Costa Rica, North East of USA and a lot of different spot in Quebec.
I got my first bike as a gift when I was 7. I hated it - my parents really didn't know much about bikes. So, I started buying used bikes at garage sales and used the parts to build small frame, big tire, 3 speed bikes that I could ride hard and repair myself. Pretty soon, I had about a dozen and started making them for my friends. And then we started building trails in the woods behind our house in Canada. My Dad could never find his tools, but we had a sweet way to get sweaty and dirty and have a lot of fun! 45+ years later the thrill is still there. I followed my love of mountain biking to Durango CO and I am so glad that I did. After traveling to over 40 countries and riding in a lot of the, I can honestly say that this place has some of the best riding in the world. Now I want to share my love of Durango mountain biking with you. Come and visit!
Hi My name is Roger and I am the Director of Sacred Rides Sunshine Coast. I am a passionate Mountain Biker and passionate about the area I live in. You may have heard of it: Noosa Heads on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. Its one of the most beautiful places in Earth!! yes I might be biased but Im pretty sure the people who travel to this area from all over the World and Australia would agree. Noosa sits within an area called the Sunshine Coast which is about 1 hour North of Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. We have amazing beaches and hinterland areas with incredible National Parks and Forests dotted all over the area. Mountain Biking has become one of the most popular sports here as our weather, trails and scenery make for some epic trails and Mountain Bike Adventures. In my tours I will ensure you get a taste of what my home has to offer in the form of unbelievable single track, wilderness trails and even some riding along some of the most pristine beaches in the world.
Mountain biking in Costa Rica is very famous, all the time there are more people outside riding bicycles because people have started thinking about their lifestyle and mountain biking is an excellent sport with all the wondrous ecology in Costa Rica that we have: mountains everywhere, trails, routes, and more that you can't have any excuses to do not do it. This is the time when you have to think green; pollution, traffic jams, accidents, heart attacks, too much going on lately in the entire world, so we believe that the people are creating more consciousness and mountain biking is an excellent tool and option to start doing something for this world. Costa Rica is a nice country and we want to keep it that way, always green and beautiful, so thanks the easy access to great areas for biking there is big chance to have more opportunity for the riding community to keep growing. Essential Costa Rica, Pura Vida!!!
Hey! My name is Cristin Murphy and I have been a Jasper resident for the past 22 years. In that time I have been very lucky to explore this beautiful National Park on foot, bike, skis, and splitboard. I now have a young family, with two boys to explore with my husband Dana and I. Whenever time allows, I'm out on the trails we love running or biking and more recently exploring fat biking. Mountain biking is such a great challenge for me and I am always learning new skills which is so motivating. Looking forward to getting out exploring and sharing our beautiful mountain park with you!
Hello, Tony here in the Black Hills of South Dakota. I have been living in Spearfish for 20 years and have been riding intensely for about 10 years. I arrived to attend the small college in town and decided to stay after graduation as the area is a hidden gem for outdoor activities. The opportunity to team up with Sacred Rides was timed nearly perfect as I had been dreaming of starting an MTB guide service here for about a year. I hope to continue to ride in good health for another 2 decades and help share the great experience of the trails here in The Black Hills of South Dakota,
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I live in gorgeous Norfolk County, Ontario, and work at Long Point Eco-Adventures. We have a network of over 60km of single track trails throughout conservation reserves, provincial parks, and county properties. The trails take you through the Carolinian forest, along the tops of ridges, through ravines and valleys, and a variety of ecosystems. The trails range in difficulty from beginner to expert, we really do have something for everyone! Make sure you check out Big Mike and Earshot in the provincial park section, they've got great hills and flow!
I moved to Duluth in the early 1980's to pursue a graduate degree in Geology. I became infatuated with Lake Superior and the availability of outdoor recreation along its shoreline. I bought a first-generation Gary Fisher (I wish I still owned it) and rode it on Duluth's earliest "mountain bike” trails, a mix of grassy ski, snowmobile, and motocross trails. I've been riding and racing ever since. My favorite races are the MDH 100 and the DK 200. I love a long day on the bike. In 2013, at the urging of my two energetic sons, who are now Sacred Rides guides with me, I founded and continue as the head coach for Duluth's NICA-affiliated Duluth Composite Team. It's an exceptional experience to see 80 high school kids love to ride their bikes on Duluth's trails. I’m inspired by teaching them a life sport that builds a strong mind, body, and character. My Sacred Ride: anywhere along the Duluth Traverse with a panoramic view of Lake Superior. I'm a Level 3 NICA coach and PMBIA instructor.
As a former Pro mountain bike and cyclocross racer, I’m thrilled to share my knowledge and love of the Majestic Rocky Mountains and incredible trails around Boulder, Colorado! I love riding 2 wheels of any style: cross country, downhill, all-mountain, fat biking, touring, or commuting to the coffee shop. My favorite ride is White Rim In a Day (WRIAD) in Moab, a 107-mile mtb ride through the most stunning scenery imaginable. My favorite places to ride are Moab, Black Hills in South Dakota, Mt. Snow in Vermont, everywhere in British Columbia (raced the epic BC Bike Race last year), Chamonix, and Patagonia. I started life as a dancer in New York, got a PhD in Neuroscience, and was on faculty at Harvard Medical School developing treatments for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Moved to San Francisco for a few years, then finally landed in Boulder as CEO of a startup. I’ve been riding and racing mountain bikes all over the world since 1997, racing Pro and Cat1 XC and cyclocross. I love corn muffins, podcasts, teaching kids mtb skills, talking about the brain, and laughing (a LOT!). Can’t wait to show you our amazing trails here in Boulder!
I am a Santa Cruz native. I started riding mountain bikes around the time they were invented and never stopped. Currently, I am leaving behind a 30 yearr corporate career with no regrets. I am a cancer survivor (Stage 3 Melanoma) and there is no doubt that I have changed for a better- I found my mojo & it’s helping others; it heals me, for sure. Riding on dirt heals me, as well. I rode every day that I can on these amazing trails during my recovery & I don’t want to stop. In fact, I’d like to have some friends come along with me. I compete in both Mountain Bike Cross-Country and Cyclocross. I have competed in close to 200 races over the last 20 years, becoming the California State Clydesdale (over 200#) Cross Country Mountain Bike State Champion in 2012 (the other guy was 2nd) and winning the Napa Dirt Classic Cross Country Mountain Bike Race (Clydesdale). If you’re impressed by any of that you should meet my daughters, Alexandra and Nakiya, they are spectacular and light my life.
I've been riding my local trials in Palo Duro Canyon for 6 years. I love showing others the beauty of the canyon while riding bikes on the many trials located in the canyon.
Mike has been riding mountain bikes for over 20 years on Prince Edward Island and has been addicted since day one. His current profession is tourism marketing so offering mountain bike tours is a natural extension of his day job. Plus, providing tours is the perfect excuse to hang out with other mountain bikers and have some fun on the trails. While mountain biking is his true passion, he still finds time for the occasion road ride, spin class and cross training at the gym. He's always happy to introduce new riders to mountain biking or rip it up with experienced riders.
I am very happy to be your guide to make a wonderful mountain bike trip in the renew city of Medellin, the second largest city in Colombia, named "the city of eternally spring" and declared "the most innovated city in world" in 2013, located in the Aburrá Valley in middle of the Andes Mountains. I was working as a financial consultant and a real state manager but now I have the opportunity to show you this wonderful city and it´s surrounded countryside, characterized by it´s ever green mountains, deep canyons and it´s voluptuous rivers. Now you have the opportunity to travel a cross this region in single tracks roads mainly and enjoy the magnificence of the Andes Mountains, viewing valleys from up above and crossing white water rivers. I was born here and I come from a family with deep roots in the country side, where the best coffee in the world comes from and this is also something that I want to share with my fellow bike riders.
I'm proudly South African and live in the most beautiful country in the world. Been cycling since young & love spending time in nature and the freedom associated with mountain biking. I'm privileged enough to live in Cape Town one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world with its breathtaking views, diverse and unique fauna & flora as well as abundant marine life. My sacred rides are done in the Table Mountain National Park on the Cape Peninsula with Table Mountain in the backdrop which is one of the 7 Wonders of the Natural World, as well as on the famous Cape Epic single track trails meandering through the stunning Tygerberg hills wine area around Cape Town. I'm proud to be a new member of the Sacred Rides family!
I have been cycling for 30 YEARS and have competed in more than twenty Cape Cycle Tours. I have completed many stage races and events all over South Africa. Safety comes first – after many broken bones I have concluded that it is always better to go back to a great ride again than to pay the price of over exuberance. Stellenbosch ticks all the boxes you can think of as a recreational destination. We are situated less than an hour’s drive from Cape Town International – an ideal town to plan excursions from STELLENBOSCH, and into the Winelands and Walker Bay. Stellenbosch offers a wide range of accommodation to suit any budget and the culinary delights and social vibe will ensure that it will be on your list to visit a second time. We have many miles of stupendous natural beauty and MTB trails that can be tailor made to your needs. I cannot wait to have you as my guest and show you all this area has to offer!
Ian has been working as a MTB guide and skills instructor for over 10 years, both in the Alps and Europe, and in Adelaide.
My name is Jean Pierre Vargas, ecuatorian, being mountain biking about 12 years ago and being on a bike since I was 8. Living in Quito, Ecuador is amazing to have a Metro Park right in our city where we can practice XCO and other type of MTB. Also we have a lot of trails and places to go very close by. One of the amazing things about Ecuador is that we can go places no more than a couple of hours away from Quito, we can go and visit volcanos like amazing Cotopaxi or go to small towns where true Otavalo indians still preserve their millenary culture. Come and take a ride with Us in Ecuador.
Hi Everybody, My profession is an aviation engineer but my passion is the mountain. I am a certified mountain biking guide. It would be a great pleasure for me to share with you the secrets, the beauties and the trails of the Bulgarian mountains.
I am an Industrial Engineer by profession, but my true passion is mountain biking, that is why I want to share with everyone the pleasure of traveling on a bicycle some of the most beautiful places in Colombia, where you can find all kinds of natural wonders that will leave you speechless. ....Soy Ingeniero Industrial de profesión, pero mi verdadera pasión es el ciclomontañismo, es por ello que quiero compartir con todo el mundo el placer de recorrer en una bicicleta algunos de los lugares mas bellos de Colombia, donde podrás encontrar todo tipo de maravillas naturales que te dejaran sin palabras
Michael has been a mountain bike rider and racer for 25 years having ridden all over the world in places like the Swiss Alps, Whistler, Colorado, Montana, Pisgah and many other areas. His home area is Michaux located in the beautiful Appalachian mountains in central Pennsylvania. He is ready to share the many fantastic single track trails that the area has to offer to all levels of ability. Besides the extensive biking background Michael also likes to ski, hike, kayak, and to travel in the process of enjoying those activities.
I´m a passionate for outdoor activities such as mountain biking, skydiving, scuba diving, ice climbing, trekking, kayaking, and orienteering, among others. I also practice Bikram yoga which gives me an exact balance mind-body-spirit. I´ve trekked the Everest Base Camp and the Annapurnas in Nepal, the Appalachian Trail in NY, the Niagara trails, and I´ve summited the Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Mount Washington in USA. I´ve dove with sharks in South Africa, Zanzibar (Tanzania), Florianopolis (Brazil), Key West and Miami (USA), Turks and Caicos, Roatan, Curazao, Providencia (Caribean), and Canary Islands and Barcelona (Spain). I´ve attended mountain and ice-climbing trainings in USA, as well as the IAF Skydiving Training at The Ranch Skydiving (Gardiner, NY). In the field of Mountain Biking, I´m the organizer of several adventure races in Uruguay as well as the developer of Mountain Bike Orienteering. Happy to launch this challenge with my friend Marcelo Arbelaez.
While attending college at Bemidji State University to become a teacher, I bought my first mountain bike - a 1991 Specialized Stumpjumper. Back in those days Bemidji didn't have any singletrack. Exploring walking trails along the lake, I road my Stumpjumper (and often carried it when the terrain wasn't ride-able) everywhere I found a dirt path. Fast forward to 2009 when I moved to the Brainerd area. There was talk of building some mountain bike trails in nearby Crosby, Minnesota. This group of mountain bike enthusiasts proposed building singletrack in an iron ore mining area that had been abandoned decades earlier. With the help of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, the International Mountain Biking Association and outstanding community support, the first set of trails opened in 2012 in Cuyuna State Recreation Area. I have ridden these trails since the day they opened and am excited to introduce guests to this amazing trail system.
I love to ride, I always have. Growing up in Ontario, I was that kid who rode my bike everywhere, every day of the year. From the day my training wheels were removed, I've been addicted to free wheelin. I rode bmx, flatland, trials, x-country, dh, dirt jumps, and freeride. Many of my days were spent riding and racing dirt bikes too. In 2007, I migrated to BC, calling Fernie my new home. How sweet it is to be nestled in a mountain valley, surrounded by the most incredible trails, endless backcountry, and fellow adrenaline junkies. By winter, I've taught and coached freestyle snowboarding for 15 years. 2011 I started guiding for Sacred Rides with my amazing girlfriend Johanna Weintrager. These days we're livin' the dream, guiding Utah in the spring and fall, BC in the summer, and skiing and snowboarding as much as we can handle all winter (except 2011/12 we traveled to SE Asia and focused purely on climbing!). I'm certified in occupational and wilderness first aid, as well as mtb instructing with Endless Biking. And oh yeah, I'm a certified machinist. I used to work in the engineering department of Western University. Now, I spend a lot of my spare time hobbying away in my shop. I love rebuilding suspension and anything else mechanical.
Having adventures and thrill seeking has become my way of life since my feet could just about reach the pedals. When I was a kid growing up in the UK the adventures may have been not quite on the same scale and on smaller mountains however the concept has always been the same: ride and have as much fun as possible!! My adventures have taken me to all kind of places across the planet. The alps is where i call home now a days and its packed full of potential adventures there is so much culture here its just awesome you never have to travel far for a completely different experience. Here in Switzerland we have 4 languages in 4 areas of the country and each area is totally different from the other. I am still amazed by the beauty and the amount of trails here, it would take a life time to ride them all.


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